Pluto the Non-Planet Has a Posse

“It’s like, since being kicked out of the planet gang, it’s decided to form a rival solar system,” said Dean Burnett, neuroscientist and stand-up comic.


Things I learned from this article:


1. It is possible to be both a neuroscientist and stand-up comedian.

2. Pluto has more moons that Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Mars combined.

3. Particles weighing as little as 1 milligram can break a multi-million dollar piece of space exploration equipment.

3. Michael Brown, the astronomer responsible for having Pluto demoted from 'planet' to 'satellite', has the twitter name: plutokiller.

4. Scientist like to taunt each other via Twitter. 



Actually, I learned lots of other things too :) Check it out.


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